Perspective On Beagles

By Derrick Pedranti

Derrick Pedranti and Dogs - Beagles

To me beagles are just the right size — not too big but also not too small to hang and play with the bigger breeds. Every dog has its own personality, of course, but in general beagles are great dogs for families and good around kids. Beagles are Derrick Pedranti’s favorite breed.

Some beagles can bark or bay loudly but this depends on the dog’s personality. Mine certainly had his vocal moments, but for the most part he was pretty quiet.

The Beagle is a hound dog so they have a strong sense of smell. Don’t be surprised if you find your beagle following a scent off into the bushes. Could be a squirrel, rabbit or even a half eaten turkey sandwich. They also like to stop and sniff a lot during neighborhood walks. I think a bit more than most non-hound breeds.

I’m not sure if their sense of smell has something to do with their strong desire to eat all the time but in my experience beagles love food. I even had to latch the fridge at one point because he learned to use his paws to open it!

Beagles are loving, good with people, loyal, playful and fun — they make great companions and lifelong best friends.

I hope you’ll strongly consider a beagle as your next pet.

Thank you,

Derrick Pedranti

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Derrick Pedranti and Beagles