Perspective On Puggles

By Derrick Pedranti

Derrick Pedranti and Dogs - Puggles

I like puggles mainly because I like beagles and I also admire the good nature of pugs. A puggle is a crossbreed between the beagle and the pug. Therefore, they are a part of the growing trend of designer dogs. Puggles are among Derrick Pedranti’s favorite dog breeds.

Puggles are small to mid-sized dogs that can grow to be 25 to 40 pounds. Their coat colors can be either a light yellowish brown or black.

Puggles can make great family dogs. Due to their temperament and often happy, silly demeanor, I believe they can help improve the daily lives and health of their owners.

They are social dogs who play well with other dogs and people. Puggles form a close bond with their owners so don’t be surprised if you have an “extra shadow” following you around the house.

Puggles can inherit health problems common to both breeds such as respiratory or breathing issues that can be found in pugs so it’s important to keep up routine check-ups with your veterinarian.

I hope you’ll give puggles serious consideration when deciding on a dog.

Thank you,

Derrick Pedranti

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Derrick Pedranti and Puggles